are my chickens special or something?(roost issue)


9 Years
Apr 19, 2011
They fall off the roost.
Doesn't matter if we put them there or they put themselves there. They fall off. Tiki landed on her head after she jumped up on one.
Bella landed on a duck.
I may have to do that.... these guys aren't getting it at all...
I used pallets for 2 walls, the other two connect to the shed, I did spy on them and caught them roosting on the low ledge in front of the door. Maybe they are just afraid of heights?
My thought would be a 1x2 is the smallest I would go and that would be for a Bantam. In my experience chickens do not really roost in the true sense of the word but rather sit on their feet. I have Belgium's that are happy with 1X2's and Austro's Americana's that don't deal with anything well other than a 2x4 laid flat.
I have some tolbunt polish that are around 12 weeks and they sleep on top of a box. THey haven't even thought about roosting yet. I would put something wider and lower than you have now and see if that doesn't help. At least they aren't polish! LOL

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