Are my chicks the correct size?


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Apr 16, 2012
Title says it all,

My neighbor and I got our chicks at the same time, actually I picked his order up with mine. His chicks are huge in comparison to mine, am I doing something wrong? Or is he supplementing too much?

This is my EE he/she is about 2 weeks old. Not a whole lot bigger from when he/she was brought home, but has grown. Just wondering if they really grow that rapidly the first couple weeks.

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A lot of variables go into chick growing. Healthy chicks do grow fast --just think of those first 21-days in the egg! From single cell to chick.

Ask yourself some questions
1. Are they the same breeds?
2. Are they getting the same feed?
3. Are they in the same level of stress?

If they are different breeds, if they are on different feed or if some chicks are going through stressful conditions, too hot, too cold etc. perhaps that could be the difference in size gain. If all other factors are equal, then I would attribute it to the particular individual chick(s)

Your Easter Egger is a real looker.
I have seen this happen before with someone feeding the little babies turkey start instead of chick crumb...
I wouldn't worry yourself. Food - Check?; water - check?; clean bedding - check?; love and attention - check?... healthy running around and falling asleep suddenly - check?

You are good to go.
Don't stress, if a chicken can raise a baby chick to adulthood you can.
(just go over in your head all the things that your full grown hens have done that makes you wonder how they stay alive.... if you don't have them just keep reading this site...)

Good luck and enjoy that fluffy cuteness, it doesn't last long.
I know that I really shouldn't let it bother me, his son (12yo) told me they were giving them electrolytes in the water. I have not done any supplementing at all. They get water and food, I bring them treats once a day. Usually some clover and the kids will catch bugs and give them to them. Otherwise they seem happy and healthy.

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