are my ducks Khaki Campbell or Buff Orpingtons?

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Apr 14, 2014
Maybe a mix of both? look close to my KCs, but patterns and colors off some or just way photo is, and yours look lot thicker than mine.mine or are just fluffy or plump (wish mine would plump up like that but think mine crossed back more for runner egg production). Beautiful though, and am wondering about their laying size and frequencies?
TThanks for the reply. Ducks lay an egg a day almost. Maybe one every 1.2 days if that makes sense. Good egg sizes. They are still under a year and the egg sizes are bigger than most chicken eggs
Two of them look like buff drakes. They look similar to the ones I used to have. The other looks like a KC drake. How old are they? It may take some time for their full colorings to come out if they are young.
Oops sorry I missed the post above. If they lay eggs they are girls ignore me :).
If your getting an egg a day then they are KC enough for me. meat maybe a factor as well as laying at early three to four months six if late bloomers i hear. mine are just somewhere over a month and behind on growth, so i don't know much about them other than they're horrible when inside at about a month. lol. Water flinging filthy lil boogers but got addicted to scovy eggs and hoping these are as heavenly!
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