Are my EE's getting close to laying an egg??


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I have 2 EE's that are about 19 weeks old. In the last day or so, I have noticed that they are digging around in the dirt more and laying there. They aren't doing the dust bath stuff, just cozying up, sometimes next to eachother and laying in the holes they seem to make in the yard near the shed and bushes. Is this a sign that they may start laying soon? I know about the squating thing, and it seems that all my girls (I have two buff orps the same age) are letting me get closer to them and don't run away as much. In fact, they come right up to me anytime I go outside. One buff orp in particular lets me scratch her back all the time.

Anyway, I'm just curious if this is something that would indicate that I may get an egg in the next few weeks or so. Any help/advice would be appriciated. Thanks!!

Squatting is your first sign of laying. Visits to the nesting box, bigger comb and eating of oyster shell as well as mating are good signs.

Digging a hole and laying in the dirt is just a sign that they are chickens :D
I have my nest boxes blocked off because they just want to sleep in them. I was planning on opening them up when I see them actually lay an egg. I have been in the process of training them to sleep on the roost. (They are stubborn little things, let me tell you!)

I don't have any roosters, so the mating thing will do me no good.

I have layer feed out, but I didn't know I needed to add additional calcium out there for them to pick at.

It's good to know that this behavior is just chickens being chickens. I wasn't really sure. They just started doing this more lately, so I guess I was hoping.

Thanks again!!
Hi lorindaeb: My EE's are approx 23 weeks and we just got our first egg last week. I knew my EE was going to lay because she was by herself in the coop while all the other chickens were in the yard, I also noticed she made a little nest in the corner of the coop and was adding straw to it. Within an hour, we had our first green egg! I didn't notice her face or comb was red but our other EE's comb was very red and she didn't lay till a week after our other EE. You will know when your EE's are going to lay by just observing them and watching for unusual behavior (like I mentioned my EE would go to the coop alone). Good luck and let us know what color of eggs you get!!

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