are pullet eggs "always" small?

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    My approximately 7 month old pullets are beginning to lay [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]. I've gotten a couple of really small eggs but I can't tell if they are from the BO pullet or the cochins. is there a way to tell? also, this morning I went out and Olivia, one of the EE pullets was standing over a blue egg in a nest box but it was a normal size egg. Is it possible she is starting out laying big eggs or is it more likely that one of my adult hens laid the egg and she was just investigating? [​IMG]
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    Depends on the breed A breed that only lays a medium egg will have a smaller pullet egg. My Delaware's first egg weighed in just 1.5g short of a large and has been laying a week and constantly laying large now. Our Medium to large egg layers which includes a BO and BA they do lay much smaller pullet eggs.
    I do some snooping to figure out who's laying and not when I have more than one of the same egg color in a pen-check often enough and you will catch them in the act.

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