are silkies considered cold hardy?&how about sebrights&seramas?


Oct 10, 2017
I have read conflicting theories on silkies and cold weather.

Last night was first nite it got down to almost nearly freezing temperatures, so i brought my serama and sebright in, plus my two banty easteregger pullets to be safe, but i assume the two bantam easter eggers are ok in cold as the standard size EE is, as well, right? All are 5-6 mos of age.
Some silkies are good cold weather birds but I’ve known some that do terrible in cold. Make sure the coop doesn’t let snow or wind in and I think they’ll be fine. What is ur average winter temp? Lowest? Pics of your coop?
I have a Sebright, and she made it thru last winter with the rest of the mixed flock. Temps got into single digits more than once. I wouldn't say she liked it, but she was fine. Here's a pic of her at 9 mo old, all fluffed up standing in a spot of sunshine on a bitter cold freezing morning up last winter...
cold chicken.jpg

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