are the a rooster or hen


5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
I am very new to raising chickens, any help will be appreciated
we happened to replace the fence at our home and these 3 chicks wondered into my yard and now fell in love with them, the black frizzle is very quiet and walks away from the other two when they fight

I need help in identifying if the two are roosters always fighting

for this you can not see in picture but has a feather on foot

looks like a D'uccle mix

really looks like a rooster to me

5 toes silverfish feet and a bushy top of head

I agree with you, I think those might be boys. The way the buff one is standing definitely looks roosterish. And the comb development in both is pretty big. They are very beautiful!
thank you , in my town/city roosters are not allowed now need to find someone who may want to do a exchange

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