Are there any behaviours that indicate egg laying?


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Nov 8, 2010
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I've had my ducks for not even a year, so I need a wee bit more info.. I've looked on Google but I haven't had much help with the information. Spring is coming up in a few months and I'm looking forward to eggs and ducklings. I have 13 ducks, 7 rouens, 4 indian runners, and two crested pekins(?). I'm not sure if they're called crested pekins though, they're the white kind of crested duck. They have a medium sized pond that fits all of them and with extra swimming room. It's about a foot and a half deep. There is one rouen drake and one crested drake. I guess it's been breeding season since I see them both mating with the hens alot.
The hens have plenty of places to lay their eggs. Will the hens act differently when they start laying? Also will the other ducks break the eggs or eat them? I can't wait for the runners to start laying, I thought they would have already but I guess I have to wait until spring huh. I've been told they aren't just seasonal layers which is why I can't wait until they start. Yummy duck eggs all year!

Thank you for any input.
Its not so much a behaviour- but an indication that i duck is laying- or close to starting lay is a kind of pouch that develops between the legs. I non laying duck will be relatively flat- but a laying duck will have a fuller more rounded figure, due to the space taken up by the developing eggs.

It can be very noticeable in my runners I have found- due to their upright stance. I will see if I can get some good photos for you.
Rather than the lower back- it is the undercarriage that needs protecting - the area where the egg is formed. I was told many years ago to remove steps and install ramps where needed to reduce the risk of ducks breaking any eggs forming inside of them, as it can easily happen when they are going up steps - especially when in a hurry to get inside for dinner and can also be trampled.

In this photo the white duck is not currently laying and is relatively flat in the undercarriage. The coloured duck is laying and you can see a more rounded fuller area between and just on front f the legs.


This duck is a little egg machine- and is very much larger in the area where egg production takes place. She has a very rounded and full appearance to her undercarriage.


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