Are there any Yellow chicken breeds?


10 Years
Oct 4, 2009
Moorpark, CA
Hello, I have 3 hens, and was looking to add a fourth. This is fun for my toddler too, and since we have a Bhraman (white), Black sex-link (black), Rhode Island Red (red), thought it would be fun to add yellow colored chicken to the gang. Any good egg-layers that are yellow as adults?
Any buff breed should do, but I have a preference for buff orpington as they are glistening gold and very sweet.
I'd go with a buff brahma or buff rock over an orpington any day. Or a buff silkie
I would also take a Buff Rock over an BO any day of the week..oh wait a minute we do have a bunch of them
and only 1 BO We also have a few EE's that are butter colored much more yellowish tan than the Buffs are.
If you don't mind small eggs got to have a Silkie... got to have a Silkie they are beyond sweet,small,soft and cute!
Right now I have 3 hens, just for fresh and healthier eggs, no rooster, no plans for fertile eggs. Live in warm part of central california, we get some frost every 10 years but average winter low is 39.

Just saw some pics of the BO online, they will do, whats a buff rock?
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