Are these both Mottled Cochins?


Simply Stated
10 Years
Feb 3, 2009
Hope Mills, NC
I've never had cochins come so dark. I have rosecomb cochin mixes hatch too, but these 2 are both single combed, the rosecomb mixes should be rosecombed. It has black on it's comb, I don't know!


They look just like my mottled cochins! Crosses tend to have less feathered feet as well. Also black on the comb is fine, my mottled seramas have mottled skin.
Good, I've never had so many hatch with so much black! I've only had white with some black. The majority of the 17 are black and we had a frizzled gene pop out from NOWHERE. No one has ever had frizzles from these birds pop up and I have 3!
There were no blacks in there though. There were mottled/rosecomb mixes but that's awesome middle toe feathering!

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