Are these chicks sick?

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    Hey! Just finally joined BYC although I've been on this website so many times! I don't know why it's taken me so long to join. We've had chickens for 3 years and we just bought (3 weeks ago) a straight run batch of Lavender Orpingtons chicks from a local source. They are about 4-5 weeks old. I'm starting to wonder if they are healthy or if there is something wrong with them. Some of the chicks have glossy occasionally swollen eyes. I'm not sure if they are being pecked, have a disease, or if their eyes are normal and I'm just over reacting. I've never had this breed before. These are a few pics. Thanks so much.
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    how is their breathing. if they were my chicks id start a antibotic on them. a lot of different illness can manifest into the eye like that. or it could be a eye infection which is common in chickens. do they have ANY other symptoms other than the eye problem? rattling of breathing? sneezing? lethergy? mucus present? if not you can start by trying a eye antibotic cream and see if it helps at all, if they have ANY other symptom, id course them with antibotic. if its respitory you can try tylan. if its ONLY the eye, try the eye cream and see if it helps. you might want to look over some chicken illnesses and pictures and see if any symptoms match. in the mean time try the eye cream and see if its just a eye infection .they can get eye infections from time to time but CLOSELY monitor them. separate the infected chicks to be on the safe side
    i wish i knew more to help. but this is the action id take if it we're mine. could be the eye cream will heal it right up. if not or you notice more symptoms, course them at that point with the antibotics. i really hope this helps. do please take a look online and see if the symptoms match any other illness . if not it could be just a eye infection. you know your birds better than anyone and can tell if other symptoms are present. i wish you the best of luck and i really hope the eye clears up soon!keep us posted please!

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