Are these duck eggs normal?

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Sep 1, 2015
Graham, WA
I have three types of ducks, Runner, Khaki and Swedish. All my ducks are just now hitting their laying age.

I have two female Runners who have finally started laying almost two weeks ago (it seems they are on the tail end of when they should have started).

I have three Black Swedish who should be next to start, this is all according to age. Then the rest, which is about 17 a combination of Runners and Khakis, should be starting anytime within the next month.

The last two days I've gotten an egg that has what seems to be a dark waxy coating on them.

Yesterday I found the first discolored egg somewhat covered by some straw under a little cover/3 sided box.

Today I found another, the same discolored in the same location.

I've assumed it is by the same duck, not sure which one. I have read that the Swedish have colored eggs, but it is not the egg that is colored it is like the coating (bloom?) is discolored. I would like to know if this is normal or if it is a sign of an issue.

They all seem very healthy and no obvious issues. I'm feeding them Purina Layena feed, with some cracked corn, wheat and oats.

The two eggs at the top are the two eggs in question, compared to the other eggs I get. I'm fairly certain the majority of these eggs are Runner. These two seem to be the exception, making me think possibly Swedish.

The two close ups, are of the two eggs with that discolored coating. As you can see you can scrape the coating off to a normal colored egg. The close up, egg on left was from yesterday and after I washed it with warm water and a little soap. Today the coating can't be scraped off. The egg on right is from today. I didn't wash it off and you can again scrape that coating off.

This coating is not from anything in the environment, other eggs have been laid in same spot last week without this color.

Is this normal?

Startup eggs often have loads of extra bloom on them. It can make the eggs very dark and spotty looking. Once they've been laying for a number of days - in my experience - that goes away.
Thanks Amiga

That makes sense and I don't have to worry or try to figure out who is doing what wrong.

The darker color coating is getting less dark every day. Much appreciated.

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