Are these eggs ok to eat


6 Years
Mar 23, 2013
So I have 12 hens and 4 nest boxes. They were not laying for a while after they molted/ and wintered but recently started again. Today when I checked the nesting box I happened to notice the hens had laid eggs in a corner of their coop. There were 21 eggs. Are these eggs safe to eat since I really am not sure how long they have been there?

Secondly, why would they all decide to lay in a corner? The nest boxes have fake eggs in them.
Hens make decisions sometimes that offend us, and this is one of those times. Mine will hide eggs in my barn, also not good.
I would pitch them all, especially if you are in a warmer climate. The float test isn't that accurate, and food poisoning, or cracking a really rotten egg indoors, is not fun.
21 eggs aren't that expensive!
Now that you know where some birds want to lay their eggs, collect daily from that location too.

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