Are these safe to feed to chickens ?


11 Years
Apr 12, 2008
Fort Covington, NY
I was told that you can feed chickens used coffee grounds, that it is good for them. is it really ?

also a neighbor of mine gave me a 100 pound bag of cornmeal / molasses mix, can this be fed to chickens ?

I normally feed them lay mash and 16 % grain in between..

I appreciate any input, thanks
They won't eat the coffee grounds. Leastwise I've yet to see a bird eat any. Nothing in them that will do them any good anyway. Better to put them in the compost.

The corn meal/molasses mix you could feed - if they'll eat it - but you'd want to do it sparingly. Too much molasses will give them the runs. It'll also throw off their nutrient intake which will affect egg production. Feed it sparingly in place of their scratch grains, not their regular lay rations. They may not eat it, but if they do it won't hurt them any if you don't give them a lot at one time.

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