Are they comfortable?


10 Years
Dec 27, 2011
Southern PA
My girls arrived yesterday! And I have just spent 30 minutes just sitting and staring at them. So stinkin' cute!!

But I wanted to make sure that the temp was right. I have a thermometer in there that reads 95 degrees on the nose. And they are not sleeping directly under the light. But they are sleeping on the edges of where the light touches in one pile of three and just next to each other but touching in a perfect row of four (pretty cute actually with just their sides gently touching).

I would think that if they were cold they would be sleeping right under the light. What do you guys think?
They sound very comfortable to me! If they were too hot or too cold, you would know by their body language. Or the loud peeps. Sound like they are happy chicks. Enjoy!
Is this your first time raising chicks? They sleep a ton. I miss the days when mine would just be walking and all of a sudden plop their heads down for a nap. They are so much fun and it's amazing to see how fast they grow. Enjoy that little fluff ball stage!
As long as the heat lamp is available they will simply move in and out of it as they need/desire. Like any baby, if they get cold or hungry they are going to let you hear about it! This would be very loud, insistent peeping, not the normal soft peeping your probably hearing now. So if you are seeing lots of running around, scratching, eating and napping they are fine. Enjoy them, they grow up so fast!

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