Are they ever gonna hatch??


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Aug 16, 2007
My hen has been setting on her eggs for a month now. She hatched two eggs about 2 weeks ago, but why aren't the others hatching? I got an egg out from under her Friday and I gently cracked it open and I saw a chick, it was chirping and moving, but it was not completely developed. I felt soooo bad about doing that. I had some other people to just tell me to throw the eggs away, but after I saw the chick in it I got to thinking maybe the rest will hatch sometime or another. I don't know, help me!!!!!
You should have candled them instead of cracking it open. I am sorry you had to see that. Do you know for sure what day she first started sitting? I always mark it down on my calender so I know for sure when then hatch date is suppose to be. It sounds to me like they arent at the 21 yet and you might be looking at a few more days to a week depending on how far a long the chick was developed. I would leave the hen and eggs alone. It sounds like mom is doing good and knows what she is doing.
Thank you. I try to rub the hen but she gets mad and starts pecking me like crazy. I am not sure of the exact date when she started sitting but I know its been a month ago or not far from that. What does candleing mean? The chick was developed from the head down except for the end part of the chick was not developed.
Okay to candle a egg you need it to be totally dark. I use a small flash light and put it up against the egg. You then can see the chicks inside moving around. Its pretty neat.
It also sounds like you a right and that you should be getting a hatch at any time. Right before a chick hatches it will pull the yolk of the egg up through its naval. And it wont need to eat for a day or to after it hatch because of this. So the chick you cracked open hadnt pulled the yolk and naval up inside yet. This usually happens just before its ready to hatch. Trust your Mama hen she sounds like she knows her stuff. And sit back and watch you will have babies soon.

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