Are they getting ready to lay?


6 Years
May 12, 2013
Great North Woods of New Hampshire
I have 14 BR pullets that are just about 17 weeks, or a little over 4 months. Quite a few are really red faced, they are all over the one cockerel I have, the last few days and won't squat for me, but do for him. He is trying to hide from them, as they just won't leave him alone.,

I have a pullet, one of the really really red faced ones, that has become an escape artist, when I go in the coop in the morning for chores. Is she trying to find a place to lay?

I have 6 nest boxes and they are in and out of them now also, rearranging the bedding. I tried straw but they kicked it all out and now have shavings in there. Atleast the shaving stay in a bit longer.

The girls that are hovering over Mr Roo, are all tails to the sky, and one dug a hole in the run yesterday and layed in it all day, pretty much.

Does this mean some are realy close to laying eggs? I have read tons on here about first time egg laying. I hope I have the signs correct?

Mr Roo is the most popular chicken in the flock right now. He could care less, but the girls? Off Da...poor guy!!!

What do you all think? Are they close? How long do you think before I see my first pullet egg? guesses are just fine

Thanks so much and thanks also for a wonderful forum to come to for answers!!!!
It is probably a little early, but the 'girls' are definitely in a hormone rush. On second thought, I think that there is a nest hidden under the rose bush by the escape artist.
My two Barred Rocks are 21 weeks old and still no eggs, so I guess yours might need more time!! Here what they look like!


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