Are they still good???

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    My silkie hen went broody a couple of weeks ago - she was sitting on a collection of 13 eggs from 3 hens. Soon after, my banty hen decided to set with her - as hard as we tried, they got each day's eggs before we did. The two were setting nicely on all the eggs, but now today the banty seems to have abandon her lot? She is nestled up next to our silkie and still refuses to leave the coop, but her eggs (about 7) are sitting there beside her? If I try to grab one she freaks out and tries to peck me, but she's not sitting on them!?!?! I don't want them to rot in there and it would be nice to start getting eggs for consumption again soon! Are these eggs "rejects" - we are not even sure they were all fertile to begin with since we had JUST added a rooster. Any advice would be appreciated [​IMG] ~ Carrie
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    They very well could be 'rejects'. My broody has pushed about 3 eggs beside her from this clutch,
    and there was somthing wrong with them. Do you have a rooster?

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