Are turkeys monogamous?


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Aug 8, 2007
Tiplersville, MS
I've got 2 turkey hens and a tom, and I've noticed one hen and the tom seemed to have paired off, they leave the other hen out and go do their own thing... so the other hen now follows me around and pecks at me and won't leave me alone lol

I'd been planning to get more turkeys, was gonna just get more hens, cuz I knew with chickens you need more hens than roosters... but guineas generally pair off... (I have 2 boy guineas and a hen and they get along fine and stick together)...

So should I get a tom for this hen? And maybe if I get more get them in pairs?


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Jan 11, 2007
1 tom can and will service numerous hens. The more hens the better, as it will take the stress off of the few who will be mated vigorously during breeding season. I would not recommend another tom, as the toms will fight most definitely. Hens do fight a little bit, but it is generally a lot less aggressive than tom fights. The top hen will select the most mature tom. If a lesser hen tries to mate him, the top hen may get upset, however they are pretty tolerant in most cases. Typically the most mature tom does the breeding and the lesser toms get to breed in the background when given the opportunity. Some lesser toms never have an opportunity. Unless you're planning for 2 separate pens, I think you are ok with what you have there and you may even find the ladies decide to brood together. We have 2 hens raising poults together and with an occasional dispute, but overall they are doing well together and share in the responsibility.

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