Are we hens or roosters?

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8 Years
Mar 29, 2011
Can someone tell me if these chickens are male or female? We got them at a hatchery and they were suppose to be all hens, but even being a newbie we can tell that Kelloggs is a rooster. The kids have raised from chicks and we dread telling them some may have to go.
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Well I was fortunate to think a bit ahead as I found the forum before buying chicks. I let the kids know up front that if more than 1 is a rooster they will have to go. We only have 8 chicks so I'm hoping that we got all hens.
We have these eight and we recently went back to hatchery and got seven more in case some will be leaving us.
I'll be adding a few more this weekend. I know I added the stipulation but that won't make it any easier I think when the time comes.

I just I could find a local breeder that had a bit more variety in chicks. My goal is to find some hamburgs.

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