Are we male or female? Turkens


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Apr 9, 2008
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Here is one


here is number 2

any help would be great. I have my guesses but want some expert advice on these.

I think the first is definetly a roo and the second is a hen as far as i can tell? I am going by the size of the comb and the fact that the second one's tail is angled down? i guess it really depends what age they are?
well it's angled down because he/she is bending every picture. Even the white one which is standing up only has a horizontal (im still half asleep, so i could be using the wrong word) Tail.

And they have very close to the same size of comb/wattles. Along with the saddle (and especially tail feathers) turning into sickles on the second one, you can see it best in the first picture.

Either way though, time will tell
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Whoa where did you get the white one?! I really want a white standard turken....

The white is a boy for sure. The buff is a girl, for sure(they are the same age, right?).

For some reason, some turken girls grow a largish comb & wattles early on.. but they stay 'pale pink' until they are close to laying eggs. I've been fooled by pullets just few weeks old showing a good sized, but PALE combs before so I don't rely on their combs too heavily for sexing. What I do is look at the overall color.. the girls have a "light" or rather even colored body, the boys get patches on the wing bows and backs that get dark and contrast more with rest of body. At least that's a common pattern observed in the hatchery stock turkens. But if you have a group containing both sexes, the males do show much more reddening on the face, upper neck(eventually spreads down whole neck) and comb than on pullets, large combs or no. This pair, if same age is pretty good example of this. Besides all that.. the white is already showing rooster pointy feathers in saddle.. none of that on the buff.
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We got both of these at Rural King in our area. My son is going to show one of them in Showmanship. His first time showing. He is also showing boilers too.

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