Are you a Pisces? Got a question for you about creativity....


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Jun 3, 2008
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My Coop
Well.. just told my husband that Pisceans are ALL creative...
and challenged him to think of one that wasn't..! well that's silly, I don't know too many, but the one's I DO KNOW are certainly creative... myself included!

So.. are you a pisces and NOT creative in some way???
Sorry, put me down on the creative list. I always learn techniques and then design my own stuff. Quilts, weavings, knitwear, beadwork, wirework, jewelry, coop designs, teddy bears, parrot toys, cat beds, bird cages, pond filters, whatever. I have my own collection of recipes I've developed over the years.

I think it's so great to be able to design and make things that are exactly what you want. I'd make more of my own clothes, if I had someone to help me with the fittings and adjustments. My husband won't help me, I've asked!

I guess a man has to draw the line somewhere...
I guess I am the first...I'm a pisces (Feb 20). And I dont have an artistic bone in my body. I can't stay focused enough to finish anything creative! I have always been envious of fellow pisces who are awesome at being artistic!
I am one of those and I do cross stitching, lace bobbins and some of the stuff in the mid 1860s. I used to paint and draw. Got a Assoc in Graphic Designing.
Well you did make a quilt for megan and did you finish the one for emily?

Megan's quilt was a FLUKE! haha, That I actually finished it.
Sadly, I didnt finish Emily's blanket.

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