Are you happy with your Hatchery Cochins? Pics?


Trigger Pullet
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Mar 27, 2009
Are you happy, or not happy with your Cochins, and where did you get them?(hatchery or not). I am ordering more, and want some examples! Would love some photos!!!
i am happy from my white bantam hen i got from a buff bantam hen not so much but i still love her.!!
im getting 15 from the hatchery april 19 so we will see how much i love them.sq or not im sure i will love them!!!
My breeder cochins I love they are big, fat and lovable. DH ordered some from a hatchery and I am not happy with them at all In fact I am selling them this weekend hopefully here is a pci of my breeder chick half as old as my hatchery you can see the differnce in feathers.
hatchery 16 weeks

breeder ( I hatched these from my stock) 12 weeks old
I got my Frizzle Cochins from Ideal Poultry. I have hatched 8 healthy chicks from them so i'm very happy. I love my roosters cause they think they're so tough but they're really only the size of a standard hen.
Here's a photo of our hatchery bantam cochins at 6 months (no longer have them):

Here's a photo of our breeder bantam cochins at 3-4 months:


Although the breeder cochins are at least 2 months younger, they are much more typey and not as "weedy" looking as the hatchery birds. The hatchery birds varied a lot in quality, some looked like cochins, some looked like booted bantams. Most did not have good cushions.
I ordered from Cackle Hatchery and so far like mine. They will be a year in Aug. For 6 months they look great. Here is one of my roo's and two of the hens.



For Hatchery birds they are really nice also look better then my breeder birds.
I have some from Cackle and some from Ideal, and I think that my Bantam Cochins look rather nice. I got them from Cackle. I got Bantam Cochin Frizzles from Ideal, and they are adorable, but as far as form goes, my Bantam Buff Orpingtons don't really look like Buff Orpingtons. I think they are built more like RIR's, or another thinner bird. They don't have all the fluffy Orpington feathers that I expected them to get. Here are some pics:

Here is one of my Splash hens with my Barred hen. My Barred hen, her name is Petunia but we call her Pooty, is the sweetest bird you could ever meet. She loves people, attention, and begs to be held and snuggled. She is awesome. She also likes to ride on the motor scooter with my older daughter in the summer. The wheel got a flat, so no more rides for Pooty. But we're working on a basket attachment for her to ride in on the regular bike, but with some sort of cover so she can't accidentally fall out or fly out. Pooty has a need for speed, lol! Here they are:


Here is my remaining Bantam BO hen from Ideal:


Here is Pooty getting love from my younger daughter:


Here is my Barred rooster Buddy taken last summer when he was about 6 months old:


Here is my Splash roo Abner taken the same time, so he was about 6 months old then too. His colors are even more beautiful now:


And here is a Splash hen picture from last summer. She has more splash markings now, and is bigger:


All my Cochins come from Cackle Hatchery, and I was pleased overall with how the birds turned out. What I was not pleased with was that I had ordered Birchen and didn't get them. Instead they added in extras of other colors. By the time I figured it out, it was too late. They were my first chicks and I didn't know any better. I haven't ordered from them since though. Instead, I went on to order from Ideal Hatchery and I got the cutest Frizzles that had nice form and nicely curled feathers. Unfortunately they are low in the pecking order right now and got their heads plucked by the alpha hens. I am diving up the flock for breeding purposes this Spring, so hopefully they will grow their feathers back, and perhaps learn to stand up for themselves too. Well, one can hope, right?

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