Arkansas, his brother is gone, now it's his turn! ND buckling/wether


12 Years
Sep 4, 2007
This little guy is still needing a home, his brother left today! He's on the bottle and can go while on the bottle or a deposit will hold him til he's weaned. I'm offering him as a wether (if someone wants him as a buck I'll consider it, just ask me about it!), he's $50 as a wether. Very cute gold and white w/ blue eyes, and polled. He will be registered NDGA (and AGS if someone takes him as a buck).

I have another buckling that was born 3/4 that will be avaliable soon, I'll post pics of him tomarrow.
Here's the other kid, he was born 3/4, this little boy has such long legs he makes me think of a cartoon charactor! I think it makes him extra cute!

This is the biggest kid I've had so far this year, not suprising since his dad is the biggest nigi kid I've ever had! And this boy is the spitting image of him at this age, except for his white markings (Mighty is solid, no white). Anyway this boy is avaliable as a wether $50 (same deal as the boy above),



This one was taken yesterday while I was taking pics of the pups, he thought their bed looked worth checking out.
I'm in Waldron, about 50 miles South of Ft. Smith!

And yes they do keep you busy! Until yesterday I had 6! And the next ones are due very soon, but I wouldn't have it any other way!
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I saw your LaMancha, he's adorable, how old is he? I don't really need a LaMancha, especially a buckling, but I might would consider it, what do you have in mind?

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