ARRGH! Do goats get udder cancer?


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Jan 3, 2009
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Okay, so I felt my hopefully 1 month preggers doe's udder (now that's something for the grammar police!). It's hard in the bag, and soft in the teats. What is going on with my baby?
Normal...the mammary tissue is just going through hormonal changes and begining to build. Her teats won't fill until she's about to kid, and unless she freshens with a LOT of milk, they won't get hard.
Oh whew.
I knew that deep down in my brain, but...several members of my family have died of cancer, and it felt like a really huge tumor, and...
It's probably normal or it might be scar tissue from mastitis if she had that in the past. Not a goat but one of my sheep always had a small hard lump in her udder after a battle with mastitis it didn't affect her though just scar tissue the vet said would always be there.
Yes goats can get cancer on the udder but it sounds like that is not the case with yours.
Even if this is her first time kidding they can have mastitis, sorry to say. Is her udder warm at all or does she have a temp at all. If no that its just her also if she comes from milky lines they can do this.
Hope this helps.
She comes from really good milking lines, and she doesn't have a temperature (well, she's no warmer than the other goats). However, her sister, who was bred before her, does not have a hard udder. Does that mean she's not pregnant?How would I tell if she had udder cancer?

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