Arrgh! Trying to find geese for a picky person.

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    I had a source for Pilgrim geese which fell through, so now I need a new one, which would be easy if not for my SO. I want pets, and that's it, so if left to me I'd order from Ideal and be done with it. I stupidly allowed my SO to see picture of top quality Pilgrims, and he somehow found pictures of a couple of Pilgrims from Ideal, which, of course, don't measure up. I tried telling him he can't expect show birds from a hatchery, but he has it in his head that if we are unable to find a source here and need to resort to a hatchery, there must be a hatchery with better quality geese. I have placed an order with Ideal for just in case purposes (I can't go another year without geese), but he really wants to cancel the order and find a "better" hatchery for backup. He found Country Hatchery, but their picture online doesn't match the pictures I've seen in a Backyard Poultry issue, assuming the pictures that went along with that article was from the hatchery's stock. If I'm remembering rightly, I don't think there was much to distinguish those birds from Ideal's, and Ideal allows you to order sexed geese in smaller quantities, so I'd really rather not have SO switch hatcheries based on a picture on a website without solid evidence it would be a better move, especially since Ideal is so near to where we live (much less stress on birds).
    So I can say I checked, does anyone know if a better hatchery for aesthetically pleasing Pilgrims exists outside of Holderreads? If not that, does anyone have any tips on pounding it into a partner's brain that there's no such thing as an ugly goose, and that it's the personality that makes you really fall in love with them?

    You think this is bad, you should have seen the struggle I had with convincing him that our silkie was just fine and we didn't need one that looked like the the white ball of fluff that was selling for $1,200 dollars online. [​IMG] He's such a goofy poultry snob, I love him to pieces. [​IMG]
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