Article Claims Low Incubation Temps Create Egg-Laying Hen-Roosters ??

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    I know. This sounds like a tabloid article, and perhaps it is. However, there has been some discussion over whether lowering temps during incubation merely causes temp-sensitive roos to not develop, resulting in a higher percentage of hens in the hatch... or whether somehow the embryos that would have been roos, 'turn into hens.'

    The science professor quoted in the article says that a change actually occurs in the male embyros: "They have the genes and chromosomes for maleness but they are fully functional females able to lay fertile eggs. If they are then crossed with normal males, the resulting chicks are all male."

    The article is from 1997. Has this been disproved? Are there any further studies about this? Not trying to create a rubbish thread, just genuinely curious if there is any legitimate science behind this claim.
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    Aug 18, 2014
    Wow, I just read the article. That's interesting. Unfortunatly I am not able to add anything on it, however I would be interested if someone had some answers.
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    Thank you for your interest! Maybe a biologist will show up and contribute some information - let's wait and see.

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