Artificial grass and Quail


6 Years
May 30, 2013
Hello quail people.

Has anyone got any experience of keeping quail on that plastic-y fake grass you can buy? We're thinking it will be easier to clean and will stop the aviary turning into a swamp the next time it rains (we had a bad couple of days, poor birds were all huddled in the covered part of the aviary in about a 3rd of their normal space because the ground was so wet). They usually go out in the rain, but obviously the mud was a bit much for them.

Has anyone done this before, or can anyone think of any downsides/reasons why we shouldn't do it?

If no one has anything, I'll keep you posted and it can be chalked up to collective experience if something goes wrong.

Thanks guys
I personally wouldn't do that because they might try to eat the fake grass and they could get really sick and/or die, just keep them on wire and have an area where they can be off the wire to prevent bumble foot and every while and just spray down the wire every month or so.
Nah, our quail are cleaning machines for the bottom of our aviary. They're staying in there regardless.
I would use pine shavings instead of the fake grass. Much more absorbant and they enjoy kicking it around. Also could you imagine how dirty the fake grass would get?
I can only think wood shavings would be worse! They'd get boggy when it rained :/ and they'd get tracked into the mud too... yuck. We were planning to keep the fake grass clean by hosing it down. They have a sand dish to dust bath in, they all like that.
We have had straw, wood shavings and sand in their shelter, currently sand, but they don't spend too much time in it. Even in the pouring rain haha
Thanks guys, the quail are never going to be kept on wire, like I said they are cleaners for the bottom of our aviary, but we will try bark chips instead, we have a brand which is animal safe. We will shovel it out when cleaning.

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