Artificial Lighting for the Winter?


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Apr 2, 2007
As the Winter Solstice (shortest day of the year) passes and egg production is at an all time low, the question is often asked..."How do I make my chickens start laying again?? HELP!"

Winter is an important time for your ladies and they need the break for all of their hard work! When adding light we always recommend the following:

Only in the morning
Only after their winter molt

You can read more about the subject and MPC's suggestions in our help topics HERE.

Personally, I have an extremely wooded property so even during the summer the light is limited to the coops. I have found that lights make my chickens happy happy.

My Pet Chicken is always looking to learn what our customers use and prefer for the excellent care of their chickens.

Like most long time chicken keepers, we don't suggest running heat lamps out to the coops since there are too many risk factors and fires are devastating.

When light is used what is your go-to? For a DIY option we tossed around the idea of Solar Christmas lights that could be used to add an additional 2-4 hrs of light to the coop for the chickens. In our discussions the 2 biggest concerns for my particular situation were:

1. It won't get enough charge due to the woods.
2. It wont' provide enough light to make a difference to the hens.

Does anyone use a small solar set ups for their coop? Pros? Cons?

What do you use in your coops to provide additional lighting?

Our current LightPassage Solar Chicken Coop Light is proven, very reliable, and made in the USA!

We look forward to hearing about your set-ups and suggestions for a more cost effective solution for our customers!
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I personally don't add light, I want my chickens, most are from you guys, to rest, and recover as they need to, Some of my hens have resumed laying already without any lighting. We also get really cold here and I don't mind if they use their energy to keep warm. I have found a good diet to be more important than light.


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Didn't have much luck searching your help site for 'winter lighting', 'lighting' or 'artificial lighting'.

How about you just link us directly to your article?


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I'm kind of spoiled. When DH built one of my coops, he wired it so I have a light right in the coop. I just use a regular bulb on a timer. No heat here in MN. I haven't started adding light yet. Probably will in another week or so. Getting antsy to have my own eggs again!

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