Arts and Crafts For Little Hands- ADD YOUR IDEAS, PLEASE!!


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May 26, 2009
A poster recently told me there is a book out with this this same title- this is not about that book. This is a thread for all of us parents to share some ideas for crafts or projects for our families to do when we're home with the kiddos and cant think of a single new thing to do!

As winter is getting close, I am thinking of things to do with my little ones to keep them busy when we're stuck inside. Sometimes I get stumped for new ideas. So my idea was to ask others for their ideas!

Heres a spot to post projects for all of us to try with our kids to keep us sane and busy during the long rainy/snowy days ahead!

Please post your art/craft ideas here! Please make them child appropriate.

If you have a recipie for homemade play-doh, or tempura paint, or homemade paper, even soap- post it here! I LOVE making things at home with the kids that you would normally buy in a store, so if you know how to make these things, please, share with us!!

Please post the ages it may work for, materials needed, and recipies for projects.

I'll start-

Ages 3 to ???

You'll need: construction paper, cut fruit and veggies, tempura paint.

Have your child dip the cut veggies and fruit into the paint, then stamp them onto the paper to make pretty shapes and colors! (dont eat after use! lol)
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you could make make snow flakes

ages 5 to ???

you will need something to cut with and paper

to do this you take the paper and you fold it in half then you cut holes and other things and that is how you make them
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You can make sure the birds in your parts get enough food for the winter by making a bird feeder.

Ages: 3-???

Supplies: A plastic bottle or a wooden box, siccors or something else to cut things with, bird seed, twigs/sticks, a flat piece of cardboard, and adult supervision.

What to do: Get out the bottle or box, cut two holes about 2" high across from each other with adult help. Make a smaller hole underneath each one. Stick a long twig or stick into both holes, and fill it with bird seed. Also, put the cardboard underneath it and stick it there.
you could make christmas ornaments

ages 4 to ???

you will need construction paper, scissors, markers or other thing to color with, staples, stuffing, a hole puncher and ribbon

this is how you make christmas ornaments

step 1) take 2 sheets of construction paper and scissors and cut the it in to a shape like a star or something (make sure the same shape is cut on both sheets on construction paper)
step 2) take the constuction paper that you just cut into the shapes and use the markers or the things that you are going to color with and make stuff on the construction paper to make it look pretty
step 3) take the hole puncher and put the two sheets of constuction paper together and hole punch it
step 4) take the 2 sheets of constirution paper and staple them together but leave a space at the top
step 5) with the space at the top put the stuffing in the space at the top untill it is full of stuffing
step 6) once you are done filling it up with stuffing staple the space up at the top
step 7) then where you hole punched the holes take the ribbon and put it thought the hole punchs and tie the ribbon
step 8) once you are done you christmas ornaments are ready to be put on you christmas tree
sock puppets

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