As I reach 1000 posts.....(long)


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Oct 22, 2007
New Market,Tn.
As I reach 1000 posts, I would like to say a few things that I have noticed along the way.

When I 1st came to BYC, I only knew what I had picked up from my grandfather years ago about raising chickens.
....Now, I feel so lucky to have had everyone here to fall back on when and if I needed advice or just the answer to a stupid question. (you all know who you are)

When I 1st came here, I had no idea what breed of bird that I was really wanting to spend my time and effort on.
.....Now, thanks to alot of you on here I do and I have completely fell in love with all the orpingtons!

When I 1st came here, I had in my head the people that probably had hundreds of birds just by how they talked or the endless info. and knowledge they posessed.
....Man was I fooled.! I now realize that even if people only have 2 chickens that they seem to know anything you want to know about chickens. (just goes to show that we take our birds seriously)

I have found that BYC has about as many different personalities in it's members as a beach has sand! Some "good", some "not", some "cool", some "hot",some "mature", some "childish", some "funny", some "just down right crazy"...........but, all in all BYC has a GREAT bunch of members.

As I am about to reach number 1000, I would like to say , "that I have came to consider a lot of BYC members my friends even tho we may not have met in person , just by spending time on here and reading posts and learning a little more about you each time you post on a topic, I feel that I can almost guess what certain one's will add to a post before I read it."

I want to say,"thanks to all that have helped me along the way". I also want to say,"if you asked my opinion on something and wether I was able to help or not, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it." You guys and gals are awsome and I hope to be a part of this for a long time to come!


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Apr 17, 2008
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