Ascites and eggbound?? please help

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    I have a 3 year old BO who will only lay dawn and won't eat or drink. I thought at first she was egg bound. But now after more research I think she has ascites and is also no eggbound. I had no idea what what causing the problem with her swollen abdomen until now. I finally found a tread that showed a picture and gave a description of what was going on. I feel like I am to late :( Her comb is dark and she just lays there and won't do anything, I didn't want to press much on her swollen abdomen but I do think I may feel an egg in there. I don't know what to do for my poor old girl! If I attempt to drain her will that help at this point or put her through even more stress?? I wish I had known what to do sooner! I feel so bad for her I can't stand for them to suffer.
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    I can only comment on the egg bound possibility. If this is a late stage egg bound for her best chances of living your going to have to remove the egg.
  3. If it is egg bound, how long from the last egg until it become a point of no return?
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  5. Interesting. I wonder if winter and shorter days are taken into account. We are already 4 days (at least) in with no egg, and she seems more active today. We don't have ascites, though. I've fine with a mystery so long as they don't seem distressed and are passing blood (like we had on Monday). I absolutely do not mind having a house chicken, but hope we get it sorted soon so she can reclaim her flock. *sigh*

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