Ascites - any input appreciated

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    Does anyone have any experience treating a hen with ascites? My Silver hen is a little silver leghorn. She is 4 yrs old. She has seemed to be moving slower for a little while now. I finally decided she was filling with fluid so last night decided to drain some fluid out of her. I pulled 36 ml out of her abdomen last
    night. She is definitely moving better this morning. I think she still has more fluid in there, but am going to wait a couple days to try again. I've read that nothing will cure this problem and it will build up again, but am wanting to keep Silver going as long as possible. Does anyone have any input and experience in dealing with this issue?
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    Ascites is just a sign of the main problem which is heart failure. Over the years I have lost 3 to this. 1 old gal who was way over weight and 2 others to salt poisoing.

    We tried draining the first 2.

    Worked well on Odd Ball for a few weeks, but it will keep coming back and eventually gets worse as their heart weakens even more. We eventually put her down to keep her from suffering anymore.

    The second went into heart failure when we tried draining it. I held my little Jazzy while she died and cried.

    This past year old Hefty was loosing weight fast and swelling with fluid. We euthanized her when she didn't want to come out of the coup and was no longer herself.

    All 3 were pets. I have their pictures and they will be remembered as long as I live.

    I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but this is just a problem that cannot be fixed.

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    Heart failure is the main cause of ascites, although it can also be from a few other things. What color was the fluid?

    Clear, straw colored fluid would be ascites.
    Red obviously hemorrhage
    Cloudy and thick would be an infection.

    Draining the fluid is a temporary fix, you can treat heart failure but it is very expensive.
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    Silver's fluid was clear to light straw colored. I sort of figured draining the fluid was a temporary fix. But I'm Ok with that if I can make her more comfortable. She does seem to be moving much better today. Does anyone know how often the fluid builds up? And how often I would need to drain it off to keep her comfortable?
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    avoid ANY and all salt containing treats...
    As to how to proceed further with the draining ...I would suggest you see a vet to help teach you to drain properly... one byc member had a very special pet with ascites and she held death at bay for seven years but I also remember that at times antibiotics were sometimes called for... your vet can advise you better on that. At any rate he can teach you to do this yourself and tell you what signs to watch out for when infection might necessitate antibiotics.
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    I don't have any vets in my area that deal with birds at all. [​IMG]

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