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I am strongly considering getting a couple of Aseels & want to hear the pros & cons. I'm prepared to build a separate run for them & have them free range in shifts so they remain separate from the rest of my laying flock, to avoid fighting. But they sound like they would be GREAT birds for training LGD puppies to respect chickens & I have a thing for ancient & rare breed animals anyway (my LGDs are from the same part of the world as the Aseels, as a matter of fact!) Basically I would be keeping them as pets & puppy trainers so I don't care about egg or meat production. What I want is a hardy bird that is tough enough to boss the dogs around but isn't stroppy with humans, assuming they've been properly handled. Hens that will raise another hen's clutch if needed is a nice plus, too. They will, of course, not have too much to worry about with regard to predators since I have the working dogs, but a bird that isn't so easy for a predator to catch & kill is also nice. Less for me to have to worry about!

So, pros, cons?

Recommended breeders?

Average cost? I would prefer chicks, but older birds are okay. I'm not equipped to hatch out any eggs at this time.

Special weather considerations? I live in South Carolina.

How many should I get & should I keep a rooster (again, assuming they will be kept separate from my other birds so no worries about a conflict between the Aseel rooster & the other rooster)?

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Understand that you will need more than just a pen.

If you have other roosters penned up and the Asil cock can see them there will be a pen fight and both roosters could be beyond repair by the time you find them.

If you want to try some come down to the house one Saturday and I'll show you around. You can take a couple home. I usually get between $50 to $150 each, but what I have is young so we'll work something out that won't break the bank.

Don't come this Saturday.

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