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Nov 20, 2011
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So a big thing trending on my tumblr blog is called "Ask insane-and-inspirational" (a.k.a. me) and my followers send in (optionally anonymous) questions, which I answer! Most are from my equestrian followers but some are just general my-life questions. :3 So I decided it might be a good idea to start this up here too, because I get a lot of questions from you guys as well, which I love answering you guys! You can either post here or PM me and I'll answer your question here!
Since I don't actually have any questions from you guys, I'll just take some previously answered questions from my tumblr page and post the question and my answer here. :3

From colfr:
What's your favorite song?
insane-and-inspirational: I have three favorite songs: Demons, On Top of the World, and Runaway Baby. c:

From thephandomhasthephonebox:
Top 5 favorite horses of yours?
insane-and-inspirational: I hate questions like this, haha! No offense to you though, you didn't know. c:
My top 5 (I bet aaaall of my followers can answer the first three.) are:
1) Angel <3
2) Molecular (Mo)
3) Halahan
4) Lil Mitzi
5) Buttercup and Anakin (aka the one I call Lil Bae because he's only 3 lol) tie for my 5th favorite. Can't pick one to top the other c: But all of my horses are fantastic :3

From CarryOn221bMyWaywardTardis:
Was Angel always this well-behaved (they were referring to a video I'd posted)?
insane-and-inspirational: Oh deary me, no. She was a little wild thing, back when I was 14/15. My instructor at the time said she would never jump, just better off as a "happy hacker" ( that's a trail horse, for American riders, as I'm Italian :3 ) but I believed in us despite the fact she was loco (aka crazy. Italian riders say loco :p ) ... I called her my runaway baby! She wouldn't jump at ALL. She'd refuse and toss me right off! I mean, bloody h*ll, she tried to trample me once! I was training her to go over trot poles and had stopped to fix my half-chaps and she suddenly reared and twisted at the same time, tossing me RIGHT off. I landed on my back and she twisted again and would have stomped on my stomach and crushed my legs if I didn't roll out of the way! That was the most daring thing she'd done, and she slowly begun to calm down. She learned to jump too! She WAS the horse who couldn't jump, but look at her today. c:

That's all for today! Feel free to PM if you want your question to be anonymous, otherwise post your questions below. c: bye guys <3
I have exactly (including my two new horses and the foals) 31 horses:
Big Mitzy
Lil Mitzy
Anakin (we sold off his girlfriend, Mozzy.)
Cookies and Cream (our new mini)
Fawn (who's blind)
Willow (brand new and beautiful :3 )
Diva and her foal Clover
Moriah and her foal Fredtastic
Mariah and her foal Fredmaniac
Lady Blue
Rapidly Impressive

Both! I actually just performed to a jumper/advanced hunter show on Sunday. c: I got two 5th place, one 3rd place, one second placd, two 1st place and 1 of 3 champion titles. c:

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