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    this is Vondrr. he's actually a main character in a comic i've been doing which I MIGHT post on BYC. let's see how popular the ask blog is first.
    I intend to answer questions with pictures, so if it takes a bit for me to respond, please don't be upset. i'll be drawing as fast as I can.

    no awkward questions, please!
    Vondrr is not open for critisizm. please, no critisizm. he is a work in progress.
    disclaimer ~ i don't own minecraft, or mojang.
    I intend to add more mobs to this ask blog, but i thought i'd start simple.
    If this blog is popular enough, i'll make a humanized Vondrr ask blog ~ we'll see.

    this ask blog is under constructions still, but you can start asking now if you want. :)

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