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Jun 6, 2009
I have a hen who's been dealing with what I thought was a respiratory infection for about a month. She was mouth-breathing, drinking lots of water, losing weight as she had trouble breathing while eating. She seemed to respond to Baytril, but after a couple of good weeks she has relapsed. Vet came and removed alot of material from her trachea. He said the culture showed bacteria under a microscope. We started her back on Baytil and she did well for a few days but is now back to square one. Vet has just prescribed Vfend for aspergillus. Has anyone ever used this with success or had experience with aspergillus? I don't want to lose her.

I think mine has aspergillosis too! I've tried baytril, and I wormed her for gapeworm, and shes still "gaping" her beak, and shes ok when shes in the house but when I put her back put in the coop she starts "honking" and can't breath well. I'm scraping for ideas and help too, I'll let you know what I find out, could you keep me updated on your treatment as well. Sorry I have know advice, just support! Good luck!!
tryxichiks, your hen who doesn't do well in the coop -- what are the conditions in your coop? Is the bedding fresh or very soiled. Is your coop old or new? Is the humidity high?

The reason I ask is that when my brooder is in need of changing, no one breathes well, including the chicks.

If the bedding in your coop is fresh then I'm stumped -- but if it needs changing you are likely to see speedy results in your hen.

Chickletranch, the issue with your hen sounds purely medical, which is way out of my league. You might ask the vet about some different antibiotics, though -- clearly Baytril isn't solving the problem. Keep us posted.

Vet thinks the antibiotics aren't working because it's aspergillus, which requires an antifungal (Vfend aka voriconazole). I had tried Naxel, as well, without success - which only makes it seem more likely that bacteria isn't the root of her problem.

Thanks Trixi, I will keep you posted...
Thank you for the reply, that sounds promising!
the coop is about a year old, the bedding could use a change, but I'm pretty dilligent once a month i shovel it out, but this time I didn't add as much bedding...its a deep litter that I clean down to the wire flooring once a month, and cover with pine shavings. You think that may be it even if shes arching her neck once shes inside?
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