Aspirin for an egg bound hen?

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    Jun 10, 2010
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    I have another egg bound hen, or so it seems? She has the same symptoms as Queenie had, when she was egg bound.
    I know to supplement her with extra calcium, but was told today to give her aspirin, as it helps reduce inflamation,
    and in turn help the egg pass - has anyone every heard this, or done this? If so, how much aspirin?

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    You can give a chicken a quarter to a a whole 81 mg baby aspirin depending on circumstances. I would start with a quarter. I would give it to her with bread soaked in olive oil and mashed egg (boiled or cooked).

    I soaked an eggbound hen in warm water, but I could feel the egg and knew this was the issue. She relaxed and released it.

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