Astrex Rabbits

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    Does anyone know any information on astrex rabbits (the term "Astrex" refers to the COAT TYPE - not necessarily a 'breed' that has a curly, lamb-like coat can)
    or possibly a breeders name? Im interested in leanring more about this rare gene and possibly getting a rabbit with it. Or would anyone else be interesed in information if i can find out more about them? Thanks in advance!
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    I know this is a very old thread, but its a topic near and dear to me too :)

    I raise and work with Astrex Rabbits. Here are pics from a recent litter:






    It isn't an easy variety. They are a lot like the American Curly Horse --- some animals are born curly, then lose it; some shed their curls during a part of the year; and some have amazing curl as adults. A fascinating mutation!

    Right now, breeders are working on getting consistent curl as well as developing animals that stay curly as adults. Several breeders in the UK (where the Astrex is still a recognized Breed) have been in discussions to import from Canadian and American Astrex breeders, but with the economy the way it is this looks less and less likely each year.

    If you are looking for a good group that is open to discussing the pros and cons to Astrex, I'd suggest or

    I hope that helps!
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    Oh gosh, now I really want one too. [​IMG]
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    So cute!

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