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    Apr 30, 2009
    We are expecting some crazy low temps for our area. Fudgie already lost a few of the little points on his comb to frostbite... (it's his own fault! There is a heat lamp in the coop, but he insists on sleeping on the perch.. plus there was that night they decided to sleep out.) So in light of the upcoming cold I put a new larger, warmer, (non red) heat lamp in the Sussex house. Well the girls are having a partay! Usually they stay out all day, but today they were eating then running back inside. It wasn't even that cold today. I'm pretty sure I heard some party music and saw a couple of the girls wearing bikinis!!

    Then tonight I decided I needed to further weather proof the silkie house. So at midnight when I was out there measuring the door (what do you mean most people don't do coop construction at midnight...?), the girls heard me outside so they nipped out into the run for a few chips and salsa with frozen margaritas! After their late night snack, they popped back inside... oy ya!
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    Sounds like a party!!

    I'm sooo glad we don't get that cold here. We're lucky to get a few frosts, but the ground always defrosts during the day.

    Was nice a warm here today a good 25 degrees C.
    The plums were going bad in the bowl so the girls got to eat them, almost looked like they were wearing lipstick when they'd finished!
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    I guess I can live through July now.

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