At the lowest point in my "chicken" life...

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    Where do I begin.... I have owned chickens for over 3 years, 7 hens that I named for the characters in the movie "Steal Magnolia's" these hens are my babies. Yes I am known as the "Crazy chicken Lady" I have hatched eggs that I bought from local breeders. But I had never gotten any chickens or chicks from anyone else, so I guess you could say I have had a closed flock, no chicks in or out of my property. That is until this spring when I got 12 chicks from a local breeder, because she had some of the breeds that I wanted. Fast forward to 12 weeks of age on these chicks. One buff orpington started acting "off" she was the first of many.... We ended up putting her down and sending her body off to the state med. lab for answers. "Probable cause Meraks. since then I have lost 7 hens, most from the chicks that I got from the breeder but 2 of my own little pullets. I now have another little pullet, my little Mabel that is "Off"" in behavior. I am just heartbroken I don't know how much more of death I can take... I had a healthy happy flock until I got these chicks from the breeder. I wish so bad that I had never gotten these chicks. If only we could turn back time...I really don't think I can deal with anymore death, It's just too heartbreaking.
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