At what age can I expect aggression from my roos (cockrels)?

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I have two gorgeous, white EE roos. I had three, but I gave one away to a friend. I had not planned on having ANY roos, but I do, so I'll go with the flow and see how things develop.

They are almost 26 weeks old (six and a half months old).

I make sure that they are not eating while I'm present - if they do try to eat, I drive them away from the feed. They can eat when I'm gone.

I also do not let them mount or display to the hens while I'm around. If they start that, I interrupt their fun. I'm hoping that the thing's I've read that instruct me to do these things really do work....if not, my neighbors are being entertained by all my shenanigans twice a day!

I will probably just keep one of the I'm trying to evaluate the keeper based on behavior.

At what age does aggression develop?

I'm not seeing any aggression towards me. The give me a wide berth, but not a panic-berth where they are terrified of me. They just move away as I walk around.
Not all roosters are going to aggressive-a lot of it can come from the breed, whether or not he's been introduced to hens, and the way the roo is treated. My boys that are considered "aggressive" started showing signs from 4 mos+, generally displaying an attitude around 6mos old when the hormones seriously kicked in. That's just from my person experience. Hopefully your fellas will keep behaving. Maybe someone else will have some better insight for you.
At that age, if they're not acting aggressive. . . . Don't expect it.

Of the few aggressive cockerels I've come across, they all developed early stages and signs of it at about 15 weeks of age. Even the late bloomers should be showing things by now, including "dancing" up against you, sneaking behind you a lot, making a big deal of your handling the hens, etc. Then of course it may lead to aggression. . . . Or a drama queen.
My Blue/Black Ameraucanas will make a huge deal out of me handling the hens and my Wheaten Ameraucana will dance for me, but the first is because of being a drama queen, the second is because I seriously have the horniest cockerel ever.
I agree. I haven't had any mean ones here yet, but I do have a 5+ month old that I'm beginning to think will be my first. He's slated for freezer camp anyhow, but we've had a surprisingly dry Oct. so far which means the rivers haven't blown out and are still full of salmon---which translates into my complete inability to get dh to help out with anything around here and me still being up after 11:00 pm on a work night (every night this week) because I have fish in the canner. The first big fall storm is supposed to blow in by the weekend so maybe....
I let mine do what they want in front of me, I want them to feel comfortable when I'm around not scared that I will shoo them from the feed or inturupt their fun with the gals. By that age you should know if you have a mean roo
I just posted a concern about my GLW roo who is 27 weeks and not showing aggression to me so much as to his girls. He's pecking, chasing, and just starting to be a bully. I'm getting worried about what will happen in the cold months when they are all cooped up together.
I've had a LOT of roos, with that comes more than a fair share of mean ones. Most were showing signs of aggression by 16-18 weeks. All showed signs by 20 weeks. If they haven't showed any aggression yet, while not impossible, I wouldn't consider it likely.

Personally, I would cease your "shenanigans". IMO it's highly unlikely they have anything to do with your roosters' temperaments. They are who they are. Every roo I have ever owned was treated and handled in exactly the same way from day one, raised in the same environment, given the same feed and water some are aggressive, some aren't.

Don't coop them up together. They can go out in the cold just like they do when it's not cold.

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