At what age can you tell if your "she" is really a "he"?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Chickiee, Mar 17, 2012.

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    I know the hatchery does its best to sex appropriately, but at what age do you really know you're raising hens and not a roo or two? Please don't tell me you know when it's laying eggs. (lol) :p I thought I heard that if it's a roo it may start to try to crow when it's a month old?
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    Depends on the breeds (some are easier and some more difficult).
    For some breeds you can notice a definite comb development in the roos.
    Sometimes also the combs will be redder in roos.
    For a lot of breeds you can also tell by looking (or comparing) the hackle and saddle feathers.
    Otherwise, yeah, just wait till it lays an egg or crows!
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    What breeds do you have? I also have new chicks and I am a chicken newbie, but I have been doing a LOT of research on the subject. [​IMG] I am very anxious to be sure as well. [​IMG]

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