At what age do chicks usally get cocci


May 4, 2022
My chicken coop🐓
I have 12 week old pullets could they still get cocci? I know all chickens can get it but heard that usually the olders ones fight it better? Just wondering if it's still necessary to have corid in there water
How long have you had Corid in the water? It's supposed to be a treatment after you confirm coccidiosis, not a prevention. Having Corid longer than normal causes vitamin deficiency.
A week now. Oh I thought it prevents it aswell? What can I give as prevention?
Medicated starter. But since you have Corid, there's no need for it. Coccidosis isn't hard to treat, it's rarely deadly, so there's not much of use in preventing it, especially at this age. Just give them unmedicated starter until they start laying.
There is a preventative dose as well as a maximum outbreak dosage of Corid. Some use medicated feed for the first few months to help prevent coccidiosis. I never had a case of coccidiosis in 11 years of raising chickens. With my first chicks, I used medicated feed, but after the first ones, only used regular feed, since it doesn’t necessarily help to prevent coccidiosis. See post 403 for the dosage chart:

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