At what age do hens go broody?

Some hens never go's been bred out of them. You can tell when a hen is broody because she doesn't leave the nest and often will "growl" and bite at you when you mess with her.
Broody Hens;

They usually go broody under a year.

Easiest way to spot a broody is if she stays on the nest at night. If that happens for two nights, move her to a private cage or pen so the other hens won`t add eggs to her clutch. After she has settled into her new surroundings for a night, take out any eggs she has and put all fresh fertile eggs under her at night to reduce stress and make sure all the eggs have the same hatch date. Have food and water available, but not in her face. She will need to leave the nest daily to eat, drink, and eliminate, so a stretch will be in order. She will do all this as needed and doesn`t need to be reminded. Good luck with your hatch. I love broody hens......Pop
Thanks everyone. Hopefully in the next year or so we'll be buying property and putting a house on it. This will allow us to expand our flock from 6 to our hearts content.

Oh another question if I decide to add a roo. Is it better to get a baby roo and have him grow up around the girls or get a grown roo?
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