At what age do runners get their drake feathers?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by chickenlittle1980, May 23, 2010.

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    Drakes do not have the physical ability to quack loudly. Their mature quack will be quiet and raspy, much the way that a woman's voice box is simply not capable of producing a bass sound. Female ducks have a wider range of possible sounds and you may have to listen a while to hear the quacking but in general they will be more vocal overall than males. I often find that males will suddenly be quiet and not say a thing while I'm holding them, where girls will usually start quacking right away. Typical, eh? lol But unless you actually hear the quack or the rasp, you won't know for sure.

    Some ducks will start quacking at 3 weeks, but it's more common at 4. If you REALLY know what you're listening for, you may be able to tell as early as 2 weeks but again, 4 weeks is more reliable. Boys will still be peeping at 4 weeks.
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    My drakes quack quite loudly actually. We thought one was a girl for sure and I was on the fence about the other as he was throwing a good one in once in a while... Then they each just got the feather.
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    My Runner turned 6 weeks.. maybe 7 weeks old on I noticed a distinct drake feather..unmistakeable...and HE...which I thought was a girl... is still peeping, but it is starting to become less and less, and beginning to be at a lower pitch than I now have a male rouen and male it ok to have 2 males...because I prefer to not get any females if possible...thanks!

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