At what age is a chicken full grown. When will they start to crow??

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    Oct 31, 2008
    I desided to use my extra bantam rooster for taxidermy instead of culling and eating (unless I can figure out how to do both.

    Anyway... at what age will they be "full grown?"

    btw, they are cochins, and brahmbas (sp?), possibly silkie roos too if I can't sell them.

    also will they crow before they are full grown... at what age do they start crowing?
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    Most roos crow at 4-6 months. Some crow at very early ages, but they are the exceptions. Most barnyard types are considered full grown at one year, but in reality they aren`t until they pass their first moult. Oriental fowl are not considered full grown until 2 years old......
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    Nov 9, 2007
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    The only breed of those three I have experience with is the LF brahmas.
    A LF brahma rooster is not considered full grown for two years. [​IMG]
    My Thor seems to want to prove that because at 13 months old, he's still growing. He just recently started getting his spurs.
    He crowed at 15 weeks old. His light brahma counterpart started crowing at 10 weeks and was trying to mate the girls the same week. Rooster puberty is not alot of fun.

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