At what point do age and shorter daylight hours impact egg production?


11 Years
Dec 13, 2010
We have 11 hens a little over a year old. They started laying in December, and surprisingly hit their stride right away. We've averaged 7-11 eggs a day. In the past two weeks or so, however, they seem to have slowed down and it's more like 4-8 a day. I know shorter daylight hours are supposed to slow things down, but it's still August. Also, I know they only lay at peak for two years or so, but this seems a bit young yet to be getting old. Could it be they're getting close to a first molt? Any other possibilities? We haven't changed food or anything else in their environment. Thanks!
mine slowed down up to and through their molt. Some have never missed a day. (I expect them to just up and *poof* disappear one day out of exhaustion.)
Some times heat also will slow them up. Have you had a hot August?
Mine are down to 8 eggs out of 23 hens per day, just like last year. And it is like an early fall in the run, but the feathers need to be raked up instead of the leaves.

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