At What Point Do I Know My Chicks Have "Feathered Out?"

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Sep 14, 2013
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I want to know when I can take the EcoGlow radiant heater out of their box. They are currently about two and a half weeks old, and have lots of feathers. My home never gets cooler than 75 degrees, as that's the temperature I keep it for my own comfort. Their box is in a spare bedroom in my home. Thanks.


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Feb 18, 2011
I would watch them and see how much they are using it during the day and/or the night. I usually start by shutting down the heat during the day for a week or so, then also shut it off at night if they don't really sleep under the bulbs anymore and see what they do then. Also would depend on how many chicks you have, if there are a bunch they will help keep each other warm.

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