At what point do you have a chicken problem?


12 Years
Feb 21, 2007
For some time, I've not known just how many chickens we have. With the two back-to-back hatches we just had that added 41 new chicks, I *think* we have about 110 chickens.

Three coops, three yards, all with chickens...and another 42 eggs going into the incubator tomorrow or Thursday.

So when do we consider it "having a chicken problem?"
i would say when you tell your spouse "there are no more eggs en route" when 6 folks have eggs in the mail to you, you have a problem.

when you HAVE to buy another bator to accommodate the eggs en route, you have a problem.

when you eat peanut butter for 2 weeks to afford bc marans eggs, you have a problem.

when you have 200 chicks brooding in the living room, you have a problem

when you qualify for a discount on poultry wire at the hardware store, you have a problem

when you have as many pictures of your poultry as you have of your children, you have a problem

need i go on?
exsia, that's a little crazy... I'd do the same, but we ain't got a garage! I just have them in my Bedroom, I have as many as my nose can bear!
When you just get excited by the thought of "chick days at the feedstore" and you have 100 hens in the hen house... you have a problem.
I keep calling the feed store.. "got em yet? : NO: WELL HURRY UP: We said we'd call..." My best friend works there. I used to work at the other one in town, but she laid me off
I guess in winter the business ain't good

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